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Ball Games – Term Two 2019

The activity fees funded by the Destiny Children Charity went a long way. A good number of students were able to represent the school. The games competitions started at the zonal level, then to the sub-county, county and regional level. Two of our DGS  students made it all the way to the regional level and […]

Colorado Fundraising Bingo Event

The DGS lunch programme has received a very big boost. Our friends from Colorado, Alana and Meredith, organised a fundraising bingo event and raised over Ksh 192,000 to go towards the lunches we provide the children at Destiny garden School. We sent Alana this film clip to show at their event, and as it was her birthday we sent […]

Lunch at DGS – Preparing to Cleaning up

Welcome to Destiny Garden’s lunch program. Our aim is to provide all the children with a nutritious lunch every school day to help learn more effectively; for some this is their only proper meal during the day.  Meal preparation involves the kitchen staffs buying and sorting out the food before cooking it. The students are very responsible and help with cleaning up […]

Term One 2019 Mid-Term Examinations

The first wave of examinations is here. All students sat for examinations based on the January classes. Most of the students had mixed feelings since this was the first examinations of 2019. After 3 restless days, the students completed their examinations. It was a silent relief to many. We keep encouraging students to take the […]

Lunch Break in DGS

Students always look forward to the DGS lunch break. All children enjoy free lunch provided through the school’s feeding program. The children get to sit and enjoy the meal together.

Term One 2019 – Games Preparations

Destiny Garden School children are warming up to participate in the Term One  games competition. Students will be participating in athletics (track and field events). Teachers are ensuring  the students get enough training and support .We wish them all the best as they plan to represent DGS.

Welcoming the Day Care Class 2019

The Day Care class is receiving new admissions, the school having reopened the first week of January. The age of children being admitted is 3-4 years old. The children are already enjoying their stay in DGS as they play and learn a few basic things about school. We are glad they are starting school and look forward to more years with them.

Back to School – January 2019

It is January 2019 and students have reported back to school after the long Holiday break in November and December. The students have enjoyed their break, many visiting other existing family members within and out of Mombasa. They are now back and we look forward to a prosperous New Year.

End Year Party 2018

Students, parents and teachers all gathered to mark end of 2018 with a beautiful party. It was amazing to have all the people coming together to enjoy the last day of school the year. After a long year of hard work, it was great to finally meet and look back to the year that was. […]

Graduation Day 2018

There was all colour and excitement as DGS marked its 2018 Graduation Day. It was a beautiful day as the Pre Primary 2 class (formerly Kindergarten 3) graduated. Parents, teachers and fellow students gathered to share the joy together. At the end of the day there was a huge cake for all to taste a […]

Guillermo and Marta Visit DGS

Guillermo and Marta visited DGS and spent some quality time with the DGS students. Guillermo is one of Allies & Morrison’s architects who designed and monitored the progress of the new Dining Shelter/Library. Their visit was a boost to our upper primary students – they shared with them a number of lessons on drug and substance abuse, a topic we usually cover to create awareness […]

Term Two 2017 – Closing Day

As curtains close on Term 2, we wish to thank all our sponsors for journeying with Destiny Garden School. DGS has accomplished a lot in providing quality education to all the enrolled children. During the Closing Day Assembly, both staff and children gathered to give account of the term that was. The children now look […]

More Desks in DGS

With the ever increasing numbers of needy children in the neighbourhood, Destiny Garden School has been taking on new admissions of disadvantaged children. This constantly leads to inadequate sitting places in the classrooms. With recent Desk donations, the whole of Class One received new desks units; their old desks were given to the other classes, […]

Improving English Reading & Writing Skills – April 2017

DGS received an English story books donation from the CfBT (Centre for British Teachers) organization working with AMURT (Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team) and WWW (Wasichana Wote Wasome) local for Educating All the Girl-child. The English language is largely being promoted in the country as one of the official languages alongside the local Swahili. Young children are being […]

School Lunches Term One – 1st March 2017

Providing lunch for  our 470 children is important, not only for their well-being and for their ability to learn effectively, but also to help ensure the children attend school.  At home many of the parents and guardians from this very needy neighbourhood  find it difficult to provide adequate food and are grateful knowing their children […]

Term One Ball Games – March 2017

DGS took part in the Term One Ball Games competitions. Both boys’ and girls’ teams impressed at the football and volleyball games. Five students proceeded to the Sub-County level. This is an improvement compared to the previous year. Our girls and boys continue to blossom both academically and in co-curricular activities.  

Exercise Books – 30th January 2017

DGS received a much needed supply of exercise books to kick start the first term classes. The children normally start the new year in a new class with old, torn and worn out exercise books, with little spare space left to take them through the term. This year, with the new donated exercise books, classes have resumed on a very bright […]

New Children in Baby Class – 23rd January 2017

The Baby Class of DGS recruited new students at the beginning of the new school year. This group of enthusiastic children has now joined the education world. Many were unaware what would happen after their parents dropped them off on their first day at school. They have, however, adjusted to the new environment and can’t wait to see their friends each day. We join in supporting […]

The New School Year Starts – 6th January 2017

It is with much delight that we welcome back all our children and staff members  to kick-start the new year and term.  We take this opportunity to wish them all the best and to also thank our Destiny Garden School Stakeholders – we wish them a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2017. Let us make […]

Class 8 Sit Their Final Primary Examinations – November 2016

After a long year of preparation, Class 8 of 2016 finally sat their final Primary Level Examinations. Like previous years, the Examinations ran smoothly with no notable incidences and all pupils maintained a clean bill of health during the entire sessions. They leave DGS full of hope as they await their Examinations Results. The staff and parents wish them all the […]

Domino’s Pizza for DGS’s Top Performers – November 2016

DGS pupils who performed well were taken to Domino’s for a Pizza Treat; the visit also included learning how to prepare different pizza flavours. It was the first time the attending pupils had tasted pizza and the elation could be witnessed as they tore into their pizzas. It was a phenomenal moment for the whole […]

KG3’s Graduation and DGS’s Closing Day Celebrations – October 2016

It was a day of great joy and expectation as Kindergarten Class 3 (KG 3) finally graduated to Primary Class One level. The staff, fellow pupils and parents were all jubilant to share the cheerful day. All thirty-eight children graduated and they marched into the hall with their teachers to receive a Certificate of Excellence. The rest of the classes’ top performers and achievers received prizes in […]

Regina Shack and Bernd Visit DGS – October 2016

It was a great joy when Regina and Bernd paid a visit to Destiny Garden School this October. They are both keen supporters and sponsors of the school and have visited the DGS on several occasions.  Regina and Bernd spent time with the Director, Jacob Boaz, catching up on the latest developments at DGS; there have been a number of remarkable improvements at the school and they were […]

Class Five Receive a Special Treat – October 2016

It was a great surprise and a special moment for the Class Five pupils and their teacher when they received a rare treat to celebrate Belinda’s Birthday; this was provided by her UK sponsors, Steve and Heather. The class had a huge cake to share, biscuits, delicious eclairs sweets and mango fruit juice. To capture the moment, her classmates […]

DGS Cleanliness and Sanitation Project Gets a Boost – September 2016

This project was guided by Brenda Ongola, one of DGS Directors, with the aim of making Destiny Garden School the cleanest school in Mtongwe.  Brooms, bins and cleaning materials were bought for all the classrooms and the children were given advice on cleanliness and how to keep all areas of the school clean.   The Girls’ […]

Mombasa Rotary Club Visit to DGS – September 2016

A group of seven from Rotary Club of Mombasa visited Destiny Garden School during the August holidays. This was a much awaited trip and the first to DGS. Members of the group experienced first-hand the DGS environment and what life is like for the children. They were shown around the compound to see the school’s developments, and had the opportunity to interact […]

Kenya at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio – August 2016

The whole country was delighted with the Kenyan team performance at the Summer Olympics in Rio this August. Kenya sparked in its finest Olympic showing in history with a 13 medal howl and fifteenth place overall. This was also the best African performance. The best moments in Rio were: Jemima Sumgong became the first female Kenyan winner […]

End of Term Exams – August 2016

End of Term Two 2016 is here! The children at DGS sat their end of term exams and, as usual, the last few days have been a nervous time for them. The only consolation is that there is a holiday waiting ahead. The examinations were administered peacefully from the first paper to the last. Results are already out and all the children have individual copies to take back […]

Volunteer Beth Gracely at DGS – June 2016

DGS welcomed Beth Gracely to Destiny Garden School. During her time at the school she donated a book case and textbooks for the library and helped Masika, the school administrator and librarian, to stamp the new books and cover them with protective brown paper. Beth took time to go into the classes to interact with […]

Cake and Fruit Gift – 6th June 2016

The entire Destiny Garden School family received a generous gift of bananas. The children love to have fruit as a treat after lunch and it ensures a balanced diet; at present, however, we are only able to buy fruit occasionally. The gift was a donation from sponsor Susan and Graham Burnett to celebrate the birthday […]

First Aid Kits – 25th May 2016

The First Aid Team has received new First Aid kits. This has been made possible by a generous donation from Alana Monge, who recently volunteered at DGS,  and her friend. The school now has 3 new kits, together with extra supplies to replace essential items.  These kits will assist in First Aid issues both within and outside the school compound […]

Athletics and Track Events at Destiny Garden – 20th May 2016

Many Destiny Garden School pupils attended the first Sports outing of  the second  term, competing with other schools in the area.   They took part in several races and field events such as long jump, short put, javelin and discus throw.  Most managed to progress to the next round where it will get more competitive, but […]

Carpenter Makes Desks for DGS – 29th April 2016

During the school holidays the local carpenter, Mr Bernard, has been making a few desks for the children at Destiny Garden School.  This has been made possible by kind donations that not only helps DGS but also provides work for our local carpenter.  The desk units are designed for 2 pupils but often have to […]

Sports at Destiny Garden School – 17th April 2016

Every year during Term One sessions, the extra-curriculum activities bring pupils from different schools together to play a variety of ball games. During this year’s Term One, DGS pupils marched into different ball game competitions – football, volleyball and netball. A good number or our pupils qualified to be included in different zonal teams and […]

Alana, Vanessa and Meredith volunteer at DGS – 20th March 2016

DGS welcomed Alana, Vanessa and Meredith to Destiny Garden School. During their time they aided in teaching, office duties such as filing, playing with children and generally putting a smile onto everyone’s face. It was a joyous week at DGS with all of them around.  For more details and photos please see http://www.destinygardenschool.org/volunteer-reviews/volunteer-alana-works-at-dgs/

Volunteer Alana works at DGS – 20th March 2016

Alana and her friends Vanessa and Meredith, from Colorado, USA, enjoyed doing some voluntary work at Destiny Garden School. Alana says: “We had an amazing time getting to volunteer and learn more about the school, and were extremely welcomed by Boaz, Jacob, and his family and everyone at the school. I was impressed with all […]

Power to Write – 11th February

Destiny Garden School received a massive donation from the Destiny Children Charity (DCC) in the form of exercise books to boost the children’s classwork. Purchasing enough exercise books for all the children each term is one of the school’s big challenges and thanks to the supporters of DCC this has been made possible. The exercise books were […]